Thursday, 19 May 2011

Revision + Tired = ?

I had a moment just now where I can zoned out for a little bit as I'm feeling quite tired (cue bed soonish). Here's the last thing I wrote, about the difference between threads and processes. See if you can tell which bit was written after I zoned out:
All threads on one process have the same global data and stack and code. The only difference would be to either thing it doesn't really matter. Whereas more western language would be be able to get with it as our only language.
I'm not even sure where that all came from!

RIBA awards 2011

BBC News - In pictures: RIBA awards 2011

Some really cool buildings here, also testing a blogging extension for Chrome that I added this morning.

Now back to revision...

NSFR - Not Safe For Revision

One of the interesting things about revision is that online flash games suddenly become mind-blowingly interesting. I haven't actually spent much time at all on these two, but they're both potentially quite addictive:

Stick Cricket - Surrey edition
The original stick cricket has been around for ages, but this is a mod for Surrey that has a couple of nice features (such as batsmen changing ends):
Yeah, I'm pretty rubbish at it... (proof I haven't played much!)

This game is hugely challenging - it starts off easily enough, but gets very hard, very quickly. The best I managed was 80 seconds - again cos I haven't been playing much, ok?
As you can see this game is about to go pear-shaped

So anyway, if you are looking for something to occupy your time with, go do something more useful. If you're looking to waste away your life, these are a great way to do it.

Your Apple is now no safer than Snow White's...

Well, that's an exaggeration, but it would appear that there's been an increase in the number of Mac-attacks recently. It is hardly surprising that as Macs become more widespread, the attention turned on them increases.

I've always believed that Macs survive largely because no one has bothered to write a virus for them, rather than because they're just so amazing.

I know this is kind of wrong, but it is particularly enjoyable reading the comments thread and thinking about all the smug Mac fanboys who actually have to think about viruses (I'm sorry, but the amount people go on about their Macs, I can hardly help feeling smug when something like this happens!).

So yes, I confess to writing this with a little smirk on my face... :-)

Bad news PS3 lovers

Because PSN has been hacked...again!

James has the details. Over to you James.

Update: You're in luck, the article James linked to now reports the problem has been patched. Phew.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Some news

There isn't much to say, Blogger was down the other day - it was a strange feeling.

I went for a run this morning as part of my new plan to have an exercise regime. Both for physical fitness, and because discipline in exercise teaches you discipline in other areas too. Which would be useful, I procrastinate too much and need to pray more.

Revision is the usual hard slog - even the ever nearing nature of the exams doesn't spice it up.

Had an early morning 5.20 prayer meeting this morning - I like this new scheme that's been introduced. We're having an early morning 5.20 prayer meeting every other week, with a whole-CU one on the alternate weeks. I like the idea - it'll be like a little bit of mission week, but every week! I suckered myself in for doing a devotion at the next 5.20 one after I suggested it would be a good idea. I say suckered in, I'm actually quite excited, I haven't done one since I was on committee, and I rather enjoy it. :-)

Singaporean Bible study this evening - I enjoy it as people aren't afraid to voice their opinions (and Christians from Singapore seem to have some varying opinions...), and you really end up working to think through the answers. The study guide is on Galatians and is made by Matthias Media, who seem pretty good. It asks the obvious, difficult, questions rather than the obvious, easy ones - which means that it's much more satisfying to work out the answers. It's also really cool hanging out with Christians from another country, but knowing that there are some really solid people there too. I love how global Christianity is, and how global God's vision for the church is.

Unbelievable half-court shots taken blind

Students at a school in Kansas decided to play a prank on their basketball coach, where they told him if he scored a shot from halfway while blindfolded he'd win tickets to the National Collegiate Athletic Association's 'Final Four' - whatever that is....
Incredibly, he actually does it:

(apparently he then had to settle for a restaurant voucher, it would seem they weren't expecting him to succeed...)

Perhaps even more incredibly, a reporter was doing a news article on the incident, and replicated the feat completely by accident:
(n.b. best watched with sound)

Sunday, 15 May 2011

New Spurs keeper

I think this chap might be a suitable candidate if they want someone more reliable than Gomes at Spurs :P

I bet he comes cheap too.