Thursday, 19 May 2011

NSFR - Not Safe For Revision

One of the interesting things about revision is that online flash games suddenly become mind-blowingly interesting. I haven't actually spent much time at all on these two, but they're both potentially quite addictive:

Stick Cricket - Surrey edition
The original stick cricket has been around for ages, but this is a mod for Surrey that has a couple of nice features (such as batsmen changing ends):
Yeah, I'm pretty rubbish at it... (proof I haven't played much!)

This game is hugely challenging - it starts off easily enough, but gets very hard, very quickly. The best I managed was 80 seconds - again cos I haven't been playing much, ok?
As you can see this game is about to go pear-shaped

So anyway, if you are looking for something to occupy your time with, go do something more useful. If you're looking to waste away your life, these are a great way to do it.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, the multitask game gets difficult quite quickly. I got 57 on my first go.

    ps. I dislike that you, and those like you (the angry birds sharers), have introduced more distraction into my already unfocused revision time