Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Jeeves & Wooster songs

Hugh Laurie is famous for playing House, but his greatest work was undoubtedly on the excellent Jeeves & Wooster TV adaptation with Stephen Fry. Probably the funniest parts of the show are actually the new elements that show off Hugh Laurie's piano skills, as Bertie attempts to wrestle with the deeper meanings of the what he plays, whilst Jeeves attempts to be polite yet not complimentary about music he clearly disdains.
Bertie: Do you know what I look for in a song Jeeves?
Jeeves:  Er, not precisely sir, no. I have often speculated.

As an extra bonus, here are a couple of clips with Bertie & Jeeves playing together, and an excerpt of Hugh Laurie on Jools Holland playing a song from his album.