• Vicky Parsons - a French & German student who currently lives in Germany, blogging about God and German stuff.
  • Ben Simpson - read his blog and you'll see his interests - Maths and CS Lewis feature strongly.
  • Denise Lim - some Singaporean girl who writes about God and girly stuff. Probably my favourite.
  • Fran Fletcher - only recently discovered that Fran actually has a blog, so...not really sure what she writes about.
  • James Beckenham - a fellow Computer Scientist who posts anything he finds interesting.
  • Tom Jancis - a dramatic type from my schooldays - has a curious and active imagination - unfortunately a much less active blog.
  • Luke Brown - a 4-year physicist at Warwick currently doing a year with Soul Survivor.
  • Mark Sellick - my longest enduring friend. A woefully infrequently updated blog but good nonetheless.
  • My Old Blog - this, frankly, is genius. The only thing lacking about this blog is that it was on Tumblr not Blogger. That, obviously, has now been rectified.
  • Twiga Ross - Twiga is swahili for giraffe and, when he posts, he likes to ask thought-provoking questions about theology.
  • Larry Norman - It has been said that asking Larry to write a Bible study is like asking a dog to run around in a park. This is Larry's theology blog.


  • Adrian Warnock - an English blogger who is associated with NewFrontiers, writes both challenging and informative articles.
  • C.J. Mahaney et. al - C.J. Mahaney is the figurehead of Sovereign Grace Ministries and is author of The Cross-Centred Life and Humility - True Greatness. Read them both.
  • Glen Scrivener - a curate based in Eastbourne, Glen is Australian and has been pivotal in my understanding of how the Bible is about Christ. A must-read blog.
  • Desiring God - Desiring God is the brainchild of John Piper, and consequently is both challenging and edifying.
  • Erik Raymond - an Ordinary Pastor blogging about his view of the Christian world and his experiences as an American pastor.
  • Exiled Preacher - a Welshman blogging book reviews and other articles. Occasional accounts of the events of his PG Tips monkey.
  • Kevin DeYoung - blogging for the Gospel Coalition, Kevin DeYoung is both humorous and insightful, and when it comes to reviews of Rob Bell, extremely thorough.
  • Dave Bish - I still don't know why the Blue Fish Project has that name, yet Dave Bish continues to blog about God unperturbed by the engimatic title of his blog.
  • The Resurgence - this is the public presence of Mars Hill Church, Seattle (that's the Mark Driscoll one) - some useful stuff, with a funky header for each article.
  • Emma Scrivener - wife of the above-mentioned Glen Scrivener, Emma brings a Christian perspective and the Gospel's transforming influence to many of the self-esteem and body-image issues faced by many people today.
  • The King's English - a blog to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the King James Version, showing the Biblical Gospel origins of many of our modern colloquialisms.
  • Tim Chester - author of the widely-appreciated You Can Change (which isn't as self-help as it sounds...), Tim Chester also blogs.


  • Stuff Christians Like - written by Jon Acuff, Stuff Christians Like takes a humorous and self-deprecating look at many of the eccentricities and foibles common amongst Christians today. The Serious Wednesday posts have really helped me to think about the practical day-to-day outworkings of grace.
  • Charlie Brooker - occasionally crude, sometimes insightful and frequently funny, Charlie Brooker is a satirical writer for the Guardian (only decent thing in that rag...).
  • 22 Words - originally a blogging experiment, Abraham Piper now just shares anything with the world that is entertaining on the internet.


  • BBC Football Tactics - one of the best sport blogs on the BBC, this is genuinely interesting stuff
  • Zonal Marking - started out as a journalist's hobby, Zonal Marking is now a well-respected authority on football tactics.
  • John Beattie - a patriotic Scotsman blogging about Rugby for the BBC.
  • Test Match Special - TMS has long been a bastion of cricket appreciation, and now they're online.
  • Tom Fordyce - BBC  journalist blogging about anything he finds interesting in the world of sport, it seems.
  • Phil McNulty - chief football writer for the BBC. I like him for his glowing reports on Spurs' exploits in the Champions League.
  • Bryn Palmer - another Rugby blogger for the BBC.