Thursday, 19 May 2011

Revision + Tired = ?

I had a moment just now where I can zoned out for a little bit as I'm feeling quite tired (cue bed soonish). Here's the last thing I wrote, about the difference between threads and processes. See if you can tell which bit was written after I zoned out:
All threads on one process have the same global data and stack and code. The only difference would be to either thing it doesn't really matter. Whereas more western language would be be able to get with it as our only language.
I'm not even sure where that all came from!


  1. So reassuring to see that someone else gets the occasional baggy brain. Given my (non-existent) scientific background, I couldn't understand a word of what you were saying, but all of it sounded very impressive. I'll give you an A.

  2. Haha, thanks - it's not as bad as one of my friends who had daydreamed during his exam and came back to himself only to discover he'd subconsciously written an insult directed at the lecturer! Needless to say he scribbled it out and then checked the paper for any other such mishaps...