Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Which flat panel TV is best?

For quite a few years, Dad and I used to look at the large flat panel TVs in shops and, although I'm a sucker for shiny new technology, we both agreed that they looked pretty shoddy.

With the advent of HD I reckon that's changed a lot. But walking into a TV shop, not only are there different technologies available, but also a big variation in image and quality.

So what do you do? Well, in the case of my family you wait until they get lots cheaper and your CRT dies, but if you prefer to buy now, here's a handy article from CNET that tells you what to do.

Conclusion? If you watch in the dark, get Plasma, if you watch in daylight get LED LCD, if you want cheap and for your TV to look like the rubbish ones that we used to see, get the other kind of LCD. And if it's a good name manufacturer it will apparently be good whichever you get. As much as they look incredible in the shop with something like Avatar in HD playing on it, there's nowt wrong with waiting for the LEDs to get cheaper, they're still pretty new and expensive.


  1. New design?

    What do you use to watch tv nowadays? What would you like to watch tv on?

  2. Yeah, not sure I quite like it yet, although I like the comic book title font.

    I usually watch live TV on a TV - 24" CRT. If there's a program I haven't seen live then I'll stream it from iPlayer or 4OD.
    I wouldn't mind a bigger shinier TV - esp. if it was HD. I would also like mobile access - but the downloads would be prohibitive.

  3. Might be a useful article if I understood it! When the TV goes pop we'll ask your opinion, unless you're several thousand miles away :)