Wednesday, 21 December 2011

God != Santa

Glen Scrivener and the good folks at Eastbourne have produced this nifty poem that contrasts the way many people view God as being a bigger version of Santa with what the God of the Bible is really like:

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  1. Matthew 23:9
    Philippians 4:6

    Bringing up your children to believe in Santa is dangerous, one day they will learn that the fat man who receives your requests for stuff, and is able to be all over the world on the same night and who and gives you whatever you want if they earn it by being Good enough, was a Lie you told them (and even may have used to manipulate their behaviour) was made up,... then they might start to question other things you have told them, Like we have a God who sent his Son to die for our sins and who was raised to life after 3 days.

    Is it a coincidence that at Christmas (A time to remember Christ) 'The World' instead tell their children about 'SANTA' instead.
    Satan is a worldly Figure who roams the world like a roaring Lion, Imitating God, claiming to give us what we want, telling us that we need to be God enough to earn Gods Love and who is the Father or Lies.
    Santa & Satan seem to have the same CV And very Simular Names.