Friday, 6 May 2011

An AV irony

A quick thought about AV. An irony I'm currently enjoying.

AV is about giving a fairer voice to democracy. Accurately representing the views of the British public, if you will.

However, the British public have voted comprehensively No.

So does this make them right or wrong? If the vote of the people is 'right', then there is no grounds for complaint about this result. If they are 'wrong', then should we really be trying to give the public a fairer representation? After all, they can't be trusted to know how to vote...right?


  1. I think Fascism is the only way forward tbh.

  2. I'd say they were right, assuming they'd voted from an informed position. Which I'm really not sure they did :(
    So the ideal solution is give the public a fairer representation, and stop the politicians (on all sides) being such lying scumbags. I can dream...