Friday, 17 August 2012


I have decided to resurrect my old Tumblr account for all the small stuff that I want to share that doesn't seem to justify a full blog post. I shall not be using it to post hipsterish stuff, emo stuff or other such material. I may post quotes on photo backgrounds. If it's actually a good quote. Please don't judge me for that. Not for my sake you understand. For yours. It's not nice to judge.

And now I'm using Rob Bell short sentences. Better not put that on individual lines.

There you are.

I'm ready for Tumblr.

Short sentences.

Sense of meaning.

Because there are spaces in between.

And I don't fully articulate my thought.

Because I'm being impactful.

And cos you're in.

Whatever that means.

If this style of writing makes you feel uncomfortable, try to imagine it in the voice of Glad0s, then it will seem funny, rather than making you feel awkward because I'm trying to sound like a modern, trendy and relevant pastor or something.


  1. Does this mean little bits of news that don't seem big enough for an email?

    Who or what is Glad0s?

  2. Yes, it might do, although I will reply to your news this weekend.

    Glad0s is a computer from the Portal games.