Thursday, 10 May 2012

Avengers Awesomble

So Denise and I went to see the Avengers last night, and I have to say it was everything I expected it to be. If I had any criticisms it would be that they could have taken more advantage of 3D and they could have made it 3 hours long; I wanted more. Which I guess means they got it right.

The first thing they did right was getting Joss Whedon on board. He is perhaps best known for his creation of Buffy and Firefly, and is clearly someone who understands what is important in a superhero movie. His screenplay was spot on, full of clever lines, and making room for enough vs battles to satisfy a Marvel version of Tekken.

The heroes themselves are perfectly cast, and are, thankfully, continuations of the characters from their respective solo movies, and haven't been reduced to generic heroes. Mark Ruffalo is no second fiddle to Eric Norton as Dr Banner, and it's nice to see that no hero outshines the others. They have been given their roles and each gets their fair share of good lines and impressive moments. Special mention also goes to Tom Hiddlestone for turning in a more nuanced performance as antagonist Loki - his lingering jealousy adds a bit of depth to the classic 'bent on world domination' thing.

The special effects are also excellent, but whilst big, somehow never overwhelm the characters themselves. It's also nice to see responsible Captain America worrying about potential civilian casualties - usually ordinary people get forgotten in massive city-trashing action scenes.

This movie goes to show that people aren't tired of big loud special effects action films - but you need more than that to make a good film. By rigorously enforcing continuity through multi-film contracts, Marvel have constructed a believable universe with characters that we actually care about, and that makes all the difference. Michael Bay take note.

It'll be a tough act for the various sequels to follow, but Marvel have shown a sure hand so far. I just hope they can tie up some loose ends by getting Spiderman on board too, although I fear not.

Perhaps DC will get the message as well, and we'll one day see a Justice League of America movie. We can but hope.

What did you think? Have you seen it, what was your favourite part (try to avoid spoilers). Can The Dark Knight Rises top it?

Thor: Be careful what you say, Loki is my brother.
Black Widow: He killed 80 people in two days.
Thor: He's adopted.
(Seriously, I've never heard a cinema laugh that much in an action movie).


  1. I thought The Avengers was Steed with his bowler hat and umbrella, accompanied by Emma Peel!

  2. That was probably my favourite bit in the film, although it's so hard to choose!

    Also I thought there were some interesting philosophical bits, such as where Loki is terrorising the people in the square, saying something like "You were made to be ruled" (can't remember the exact quote), and the guy stands up and says "Not by men like you". Doesn't deny it, just qualifies. Plus the whole idea of freedom.

  3. Mum, well, yes, that's true, although I think this meaning of the Avengers has existed for just as long.

    Mareli, yes, I almost thought they could have developed some of that a bit more. I think you always make the villains more compelling when you put truth into their ideas. You know you're supposed to reject them, but sometimes it's interesting when you have to ask why?

  4. Ah, Mum, just discovered a fun fact. For the rest of the world, they just called the film The Avengers, but in the UK it's actually named Avengers Assemble, deliberately to avoid confusion with the TV show.