Sunday, 1 April 2012

April Googled

Well, today is 1st April and, as you'd expect, Google has got in on the act. You may remember previous efforts such as motion-controlled Gmail last year or the time a few years ago when YouTube Rickrolled the whole internet. Come to think of it, that was before Google owned YouTube, but never mind. It was my first exposure to internet memes (if you don't know the video it's here).
So this year we have a few treats:

Gmail has received a new smartphone upgrade; Morse code text entry. With multi-tasking capability, I must admit, I'm almost sold.

Google Maps: Quest Mode:
Just go to Google maps and switch to the Quest view to get it in classic 8-bit colour.

Youtube: the DVD collection:
Again, one that could have some mileage...

What good April Fool's jokes have you seen today? I know the English newspapers usually manage a few.

It appears I missed one. Google Chrome's multi-task mode:

Edit 2:
It appears I missed another one! Google's Really Advanced Search. It's really advanced.


  1. Courtesy of the Guardian...

  2. Thanks, I particularly enjoyed the final paragraph.

  3. Also the Guardian:

  4. I presume this is one!

  5. I hope it is. Looking at the comments most people seem to have missed that. Although I think the Editor was very pleased with himself going on the Editor's Picks.