Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding quiz

We had a Royal Wedding-themed Globe this evening, and as part of it I ran a quiz on aspects of the wedding of varying obscurity. Here are the questions - answers at the bottom (no cheating!):

1) What is the name of Kate Middleton’s sister? (1 point)
            a. Anna
            b. Pippa
            c. Milicent
            d. Harry

2) Name the venue for the wedding. (1 point)

3) What will be the new title of William and Kate? (1 point)

4) Three points if you can name the three hymns that were sung in the service today: (3 points)

5) There was a lot of speculation about who would design Kate’s dress, but in the end, who was it? (1 point)
             a. Sally Bercow
             b. Sarah Burton
             c. Bruce Oldfield
             d. She made it herself

6) In which country were William and Kate when they got engaged? (1 point)

7) There has been quite a bit of fuss over the fact that the wedding is publicly funded – but how much was actually directly funded by the taxpayer? (1 point)
8) David & Victoria Beckham, were invited to the wedding, but which pair of significant British figures were left out? (2x0.5 points)

9) Which two living Prime Ministers were invited? (2 points)

10) There was a lot of fuss made about the kiss on the balcony of Buck House, but whose wedding kicked off the tradition? (1 point)

So, how did you do? Comment and post your scores - compare!
The score is out of thirteen - and the best mark at Globe today was 12. I was very impressed no team scored under 10, I clearly didn't make it hard enough!
But in case you struggled, here are the answers:

1) b) Pippa
2) Westminster Abbey
3) Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
4) Bread of Heaven, Love Divine all loves excelling, Jerusalem
5) b) Sarah Burton - the expected designer was a popular choice, and the dress was widely praised, with some even likening Kate Middleton's appearance to that of Grace Kelly. Sarah Bercow is the wife of the speaker of the House of Commons, and Bruce Oldfield was speculate as an alternative.
6) Kenya - they were on a ten day trip celebrating William's completion of an RAF training course.
7) Only the security was directly funded - this cost the taxpayer £20 million including all security on the day, anti-terror operations and bank holiday pay. Everything else was funded by the Queen and Prince Charles or by the Middletons themselves.
8) Tony Blair and Gordon Brown - at Charles & Diana's full state wedding, all living British Prime Ministers were invited, but not so here as it was not a state wedding.
9)  John Major and Baroness Thatcher - John Major was appointed guardian to William and Harry after Diana's death, and both are appointed to the Order of the Garter, the highest knighthood in the land, along with William.
10) Charles & Diana - a spontaneous kiss kicked off a tradition of a public kiss at royal weddings - today you got two - absolute bargain!

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  1. question 9 - David Cameron was also there. He is a living prime minister I believe. Did you mean ex-prime ministers?